Important, useful, beautiful things are in this sense things that matter.

Things that matter have meaning.

And meaningful things are things that talk.

——Miguel Tamen, University of Lisbon


This thing is talking about your personal nutrition.

‘Nume’ is someone who keeps an eye on you and lets you know what you need.

By combining technologies that are currently emerging in laboratories, Nume completely changes the landscape of nutritional counseling. This service provides the power of a knowledge, that is currently only available to people who can afford the time and money to regularly visit a nutritionist and conduct regular blood tests.  More importantly,  Nume gives meaning to these technologies by suggesting personalized actions for the users, motivating them to keep up with their diet and provide feedback on nutritional decisions. In doing so Nume creates a system that finally gives people the ability to make informed decisions about their diets.



What is Nume telling you?

  1. Give you tips when you refuse to eat what you need to. For example, if you say to her you do not want it, she will recommend another food.
  2. Nutri drop will supply the nutrition you need when you diet.
  3. Touch the nutri patch and it will tell you what your body is going.

Things that talk - Nume 1