Net metering is an approach allows consumers who generate some or all of their own electricity to use that electricity anytime, instead of when it is generated. [31] According to the electricity amount used and generated, people will earn or pay money for the margin. 

This inspired me about how data circulate on the Internet. People spend money to get access to the Internet, so they pay for their data flow. Meanwhile, data brokers and companies use people’s data to earn money. Can people know the net amount of cost for browsing the Internet? Therefore, I created a system called ‘InternetNet’, which shows the loop of how value of data goes around.

In this system, people produce value while using the Internet. Meanwhile, whey pay for the fee of getting access to the Internet. We can set the time based on one day to one month, after that time, we can get a Internet bill from this system.

How to calculate the value of personal data

Since it is an investigation project, I try to define the value of data that produced by people. But how?

At first, I tried to find out what is the price of every movement of people while surfing online. For example, what is the price of clicking on advertisement on the sidebar? What is the value of posting or searching something about your requirements or hobbies? What is the value of locating yourself on social network? Does it seem impossible and ridiculous? First, I start from the advertisement revenue of Facebook.

We can get the net revenue of Facebook mobile revenue is 27053 million dollars. Then, I conducted research on active users of Facebook in 2017. According to Gizmodo, there are 300 millions of posts uploaded per day. Meanwhile, there is evidence shows that there are 1358 millions of active users in 3rd quarter 2017. These details could be fed into a simple algorithm to roughly know the average value produced by per person is 19.921 dollars. Plus, every post included data about yourself values 0.247 dollars to Facebook.

With further research, I found there was an incredible amount of value produced by people. They use the product for free, in exchange of contributing their personal data at the same time. It is an interesting fact that most of people are unawareness to this condition at all. Therefore, I make this project to let people know who are making decisions for them and the decision-making process in this data-driven society. This project will encourage people to think about the circulate of data and monetary value in the Internet world, and let them reflect on whether they care about data, and whether they are likely to sell their data as a product as well.