In conjunction with the 100th anniversary of The Minneapolis Institute of Art, the team set out to transform the way members engage with Mia’s world-class permanent collection. The result is an app that allows users to create and share journeys through the museum that are personally curated, personally relevant and personally rewarding.

The Mia Journeys app is helping Mia modernize the way the public interacts with museums in a way that respects the way digital media has changed consumer expectations while retaining the museum at the core of the experience.

Process of this digital experience:

1. Create a journey.

Create a Journey from scratch or edit existing Journeys to make them your own. Add artwork from the museum’s collection and let the app automate the sequence based on location, or use a custom sequence to create your own pathway.

2. Browse journeys.

You can browse any other’s journeys which named by anything can be a theme: artist, time period, location, genre, medium, love, scandal, rivers, the ocean, hats, cats…you name it. In addition to member created journeys there are journeys created by the Mia curators and a few local celebrities like singer Dessa and Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges.

3. Go on a Journey

Begin with your journey and enjoy!


As a user, I roughly build the construction of this app:

Find and improve - MIA JOURNEYS 3



  • Private custom

Know what users like before they visit. After users choose what they like, the app can recommend the best pathway for them.

Find and improve - MIA JOURNEYS 4

  •    Collect big data

The app will record all the journeys. It can not only let the museum know how the audience use the museum,  but also let             the audience know what is the most popular way.

Find and improve - MIA JOURNEYS 5

  • A new way to add the work in your journey.

      In the interface of this app, people have to choose the picture and then click ‘add’ to add it in your journey. It is lack of                   efficiency. We can add a NFC in the intruduction of one work .When users can get close to it ,  it can be added.

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  • Share your journey to third parties applications like facebook and twitter.

When you share your journey with others, it will build a picture that shows what works you seen and like. Moreover, it can           shows what kind of journey you took.

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