It is a lucid classic but it is not exactly lucid dream. In fact, we cannot have several layers of dreaming in real life. But why I take it as the first example? Because it is so famous!  You can call it is just something like lucid dream!

Inception shows the story of a group of ‘dream thieves’ who break into people’s minds and plant/steal ideas. It includes multiple ‘layers of dreaming’, shared dreaming, and more! They also use a special type of reality check called a ‘totem’. See my video – Lucid Dreaming Totems.This film also inspired me to write an article about the totem included lucid dreaming method.

2.The Good Night

For fans of Sherlock, this film features John! It’s about a man who discovers lucid dreaming when he’s having some trouble in his relationships and waking life. He takes it to extreme measures when he does things like black out his entire room so he sleeps longer, and as the film goes on, he gets more and more attached to the dream world.

3. Lucid Dream

(new movie, not available now) pity!!! I like criminal movies.

It is a story telling a man lost his son 3-years-ago. Through a lucid dream, he finds a clue on his son’s disappearance.

4. Two books

Robert Wagon《Lucid Dream: Gateway to the Inner Self》

Stephen LaBerge《Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming》