Today we share our work with Riccie and Rania from IBM. I visit my classmates’ works, they are all amazing. I got some feedback and they are very helpful:

  1. Make the interaction easier. For example, can I insert the pieces as a switch? can I simplify the process of test?
  2. Think about different situations of different people. For example, (from Riccie) a lady just off duty, today is so shiiiit, (just want to pressssssssssss the red button).
  3. Think about the scenario. It is a little bit similar with number 2 and this works on different situations and different people. It also relates to the situation that I put the lamp. So I need to create a specific vibe and story.
  4. Try different color? It worths try but the colour should be soft. If not, it will make it become a pub (lol)
  5. (from Nicolas) Using the space in reason. I can connect low tech and high tech.
  6. (from Nicolas) Give meaning to my pieces. It need to be shown in my portfolio (surrealism research). And what pattern stand for what meaning.
  7. (from Huaikai) He told me that I can print the pattern pieces using laser paper.
  8. (from Stefanie) She summarized my flow: Interface – visual diagram – pattern(pattern explain).


Here is my A5 Introduction:

My idea started from my tribe: Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming, then control it. Not everyone can make lucid dream, so some people regard it as a hobby and make great efforts to become a lucid dreamer. They say they gain much from it, like developing their imagination, overcome some difficulties, even cure mental disease.

To make a lucid dream, hints and stimulus before sleep is of vital importance. Thus I want to know what hint or stimulus is effective.

According to Freud, dreaming reflects subconsciousness of human. Another scientist who studies dream says dream is the view of the night. Surrealism is a great way for artists to express their dream, but can I use it to produce dream?

Finally, I made a projector that can project patterns around the room. Dreamers can generate associations from the rotating patterns and help them dream what they want, also, put them under hypnosis.