What if…? is an important way of speculative thinking.

In the first class of speculative design project, we had a workshop with Georgina Voss. She put up this questions: What if…?

Each group has their questions like that. My group is: What if keeping a pet become extremely expensive?

We discussed several directions, and keeping ask us this question: What if?


So coming to my topic, I want to ask myself, what if more and more EHS sufferer appear?

It’s quite general, not focus and specific,  it is just my imagination. It shows the life of EHS sufferer somehow.

What if...? 1

It is a map of London. The left one is the original one, but the right one is a radiation intensity map. They have to depend on this to find a safe place.

What if...? 2

There could be a new way of sociality, within silver and normal people. Since EHS patients rely on tinfoil to get rid of radiation mostly, they will be called ‘silver’people. There are several kinds of people like white, yellow, brown, black…but there could be silver. It sounds cool, but it shows their sufferer and new difficulty in the society. Even there will be discrimination.

What if...? 3

There will be special issues for EHS patients, from life necessity to building and environment. As time goes by, they are somehow isolated from normal people.


What if...? 5


What if...? 6