Project: Speculative Design

Say something about Ars Electronica

—Say something about my project— It is definitely my first time to be an artist in a quite large-scale exhibition. To be honest, I don’t think I prepared well. Some tangible things and feedback sheets could help a lot. I think it taught me a lesson in the future exhibition. Good news is, I received some feedback from the audience and to my delighted, many people would like to take concern about the use of high technologies and the influence may cause to others. In short, it is quite a great experience! —Say something about other projects—… More

Micro film

This video is a part of my speculative design project which shows the mental change after a normal young lady know she fell ill with EHS (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity). More

Photography Works

EHS sufferers become more isolated because they have to get away from electronic products, and normal social ways. There are almost electromagnetic radiation everywhere, even if in the poorest corners. At the beginning,  they have to stay at home, turn off all electronic products, and think about what to do and where to do.   The tinfoil clothes is very thick and uncomfortable. When putting down casually, it looks like a monster. But, it is a necessity in their life, and the strongest umbrella for them.   There are some areas structured only for EHS people. In… More

I want to hear the sound of electromagnetic emissions

Those two projects inspired my idea. 1.Phantom Terrains It is an experimental platform which aims to answer this question by translating the characteristics of wireless networks into sound. By streaming this signal to a pair of hearing aids, the listener is able to hear the changing landscapes of data that surround them. Network identifiers, data rates and encryption modes are translated into sonic parameters, with familiar networks becoming recognizable by their auditory representations. The project challenges the notion of assistive hearing technology as a prosthetic, re-imagining it as an enhancement that can surpass the ability of normal human hearing. More

Developing idea from Dunne&Raby

Between Reality And The Impossible – Dunne&Raby The project create a senario that the world is running out of food – we need to produce 70% more food in the next 40 years according to the UN.  What they did are speculating, imagining, and even dreaming, to create and facilitate reflection on the kind of technologically mediated world we wish to live in. Dunne&Raby imagine some roles and make related devices for them. It looks very interesting ,meanwhile, it let us think about what if it really happen one day? This project… More

What if…?

What if…? is an important way of speculative thinking. In the first class of speculative design project, we had a workshop with Georgina Voss. She put up this questions: What if…? Each group has their questions like that. My group is: What if keeping a pet become extremely expensive? We discussed several directions, and keeping ask us this question: What if?   So coming to my topic, I want to ask myself, what if more and more EHS sufferer appear? It’s quite general, not focus and specific,  it is just my imagination. It shows the life of EHS sufferer somehow. More

First Storyboard

Brainstorming storyboard: As the development of technology, there are more ways of electromagnetism communication. Due to the Gene mutation, there are more and more EHS sufferer. They want to fight for their right of normal life. They hold processions to bring pressure on the government. It cause a disturbance with police and normal people. More

First prototype : act as an EHS sufferer for 1 day

As a normal individual, it is obvious that I cannot feel the misery of EHS patients. I decided to spend a day as an EHS patient to develop my empathy, and the experience will be my first prototype. First of all, I designed a garment which is made of tin foil to effectively shield electromagnetic signals. I took a mobile phone with an app that can roughly detect the signal intensity. Walking on the street in this garment is very eye-catching. As far as I have discovered,… More

Do you know Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)?

There are a small group of people existing in the world who are allergic to radio. When they are exposed themselves in radio, they will feel headache, arrhythmia, insomnia, even apoplexy. This ill is called EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity). Tim Hallam, 36, sleeps in a custom-made silver-coated sleeping bag that helps block out electromagnetic fields. (Photograph: Thomas Ball). He says, “The room is completely insulated; the edges are sealed with aluminium tape and connected with conducting tape so I could ground the whole room. It’s a Faraday cage, effectively. Grounding… More