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Say something about Ars Electronica

—Say something about my project— It is definitely my first time to be an artist in a quite large-scale exhibition. To be honest, I don’t think I prepared well. Some tangible things and feedback sheets could help a lot. I think it taught me a lesson in the future exhibition. Good news is, I received some feedback from the audience and to my delighted, many people would like to take concern about the use of high technologies and the influence may cause to others. In short, it is quite a great experience! —Say something about other projects—… More

Micro film

This video is a part of my speculative design project which shows the mental change after a normal young lady know she fell ill with EHS (Electromagnetic hypersensitivity). More

Development and Feedback with Riccie and Rania

Today we share our work with Riccie and Rania from IBM. I visit my classmates’ works, they are all amazing. I got some feedback and they are very helpful: Make the interaction easier. For example, can I insert the pieces as a switch? can I simplify the process of test? Think about different situations of different people. For example, (from Riccie) a lady just off duty, today is so shiiiit, (just want to pressssssssssss the red button). Think about the scenario. It is a little bit similar with number 2 and this works on different situations and different people. It also… More

Photography Works

EHS sufferers become more isolated because they have to get away from electronic products, and normal social ways. There are almost electromagnetic radiation everywhere, even if in the poorest corners. At the beginning,  they have to stay at home, turn off all electronic products, and think about what to do and where to do.   The tinfoil clothes is very thick and uncomfortable. When putting down casually, it looks like a monster. But, it is a necessity in their life, and the strongest umbrella for them.   There are some areas structured only for EHS people. In… More

Third Prototype

Finally, I find a good starting point. It’s a lamp which can help sleep. There is a motor that make the lamp rotates,  2 Battery in the foundation. I made several plastic pieces like this. I designed some patterns with different topics. It’s like a CD album. When you insert it, it will play the ‘CD’ with light. More

Two possible materials

Speaking of making a movable pattern, I want to look for materials for it, and here are what I think it possible: 1. Superhydrophobic   2.  Magnetic fluid… More

Second prototype

Here is my Second prototype! Everybody dreams, but not everybody can remember their dreams. So I think dream journey is always a treasure. How do you feel about your dream?  You can comment your dream through my first prototype. There is 3 faces stand for ‘good’, ‘soso’ and ‘bad’. After you week up, choose the feeling, and you can get positive feedback and encouragement from it. Start your good day!… More

I want to hear the sound of electromagnetic emissions

Those two projects inspired my idea. 1.Phantom Terrains It is an experimental platform which aims to answer this question by translating the characteristics of wireless networks into sound. By streaming this signal to a pair of hearing aids, the listener is able to hear the changing landscapes of data that surround them. Network identifiers, data rates and encryption modes are translated into sonic parameters, with familiar networks becoming recognizable by their auditory representations. The project challenges the notion of assistive hearing technology as a prosthetic, re-imagining it as an enhancement that can surpass the ability of normal human hearing. More